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NWA Roofing Today provides various domestic roof covering services for house owners in and around the Northwest Arkansas location. When it concerns your residence, we intend to make your investment lasts as long as possible.

We provide tile roofing to residential and commercial properties all over Northwest Arkansas, including Fayetteville, Springdale, Lowell, Siloam Springs, Rogers, Bentonville, Bella Vista and other surrounding areas.

Why Should You Get a Tile Roof?

A tile roof gives character to your home, providing it a nearly unique design. Several various styles are readily available, every one offering a one-of-a-kind look when contrasted to standard shingles.

A few of the tiles that are offered for household usage include:

  • Slate Tile: A European stone tile that can be found in gray or black colors.
  • Barrel Tile: This ceramic tile has a half-rounded appearance.
  • Clay Tile: It is available in various colors as well as profiles, consisting of terra-cotta.
  • Southwestern tile: It has an S-profile and a unique shade blend.

What are The Benefits of Ceramic Tile Roofs?

Tile roofs give more advantages than simply creating a visual improvement; they likewise secure your roofing system from Northwest Arkansas’ intense sunshine as well as extreme weather.

The sunshine that attracts us to Arkansas coincides with sunlight that can cause damage to roofing in Northwest Arkansas. Combine that with occasional mid-day storms and the likely hurricane, this makes it even more likely something will happen to your roof.

When choosing a tile roofing system, you have an additional shield of the roof’s underlayment, securing it against a continuous battery of UV rays, wind, as well as rain. On top of that, roofing tiles won’t rust, warp or rust as other roof covering products do.

What Do Tile Roofs Offer?

  • You can easily replace any broken or damaged tiles.
  • Tiles look good, improving your home’s appearance.
  • They can provide sound reduction.
  • Thermal insulation, maintaining you comfortable throughout the year and also saving you money on regular monthly air conditioning costs.
  • Ceramic tiles endure heavy wind and also rainfall and don’t tend to fly off your roof due to high winds.
  • Will not rot with the high humidity and also rain of Northwest Arkansas.
  • More environmentally friendly.

Tile roofs have been a staple of various cultures across millennia. Clay tiles have deviated very little from their original design and have since become a staple in many countries. Tiles are molded with heat and pressure to allow for perfect interlocking. The interlocked tiles have natural air ventilation underneath, which creates a heat barrier, ideal for maintaining a cool home in the hot Florida sun.

Among the various tile designs, the most common are clay and concrete. The naturally-occurring clay is easy to maintain, offers excellent heat protection, and performs well when put under physical stress. Clay tiles also have long-lasting color and are among the most aesthetically pleasing solutions for a modern home. On the other hand, concrete tiles offer better cold resistance and are better suited for climates that experience a wider temperature range. They are heavier, and houses need to be built specifically to withstand the concrete roof’s added mass.

There are several tile designs available for modern use, both from concrete and clay. These include flat tiles, S-shaped tiles or pantiles, Roman tiles, and specific mixed methods that use two different tile types that lock together and provide perfect water protection. Due to an abundance of choices and excellent results, tile roofs are widely used in Europe and have become more common in the USA in recent years.

Here at NWA ROOFING TODAY, we have become one of the premier tile roofing contractors in Northwest Arkansas. We have experience in both installing and replacing all types of concrete and clay roof tiles. Although a tile roof is more expensive than other roofing systems, Tile Roof systems are known for their incredibly long life, lasting for many years. Tile roof systems are well worth the higher price point. Encompassing both longevity and aesthetics, tile roof systems are one of the easiest ways to accomplish a truly unique look to any home. There are many styles and colors to choose from during the selection process to ensure your experience is tailor-made to your specific needs. Selecting a tile roof for a house will not only increase the value of the home but is by far one of the most visually stunning roof systems available.

If you’re looking for durable roofing that stands up to Arkansas’ extreme weather, contact NWA Roofing Today for a complimentary roofing estimate today!

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