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What makes metal roofing so versatile is the range of materials available for your roofs. Metals you can use range from galvanized steel to copper to aluminum to tin. When you choose tin roofing, you’ll find it lightweight, and just as durable as other metals. You’ll also find it fits for almost any roofing solution. When you want to install tin roofing in Northwest Arkansas, turn to the trusted local professionals at NWA Roofing Today. Find out more about us or get an estimate on your roofing project by calling 479-207-6197.

Benefits of Tin Roofing

You might think of tin as a thin, soft metal, but the tin used for roofing is actually rolled steel with a coating of tin. This makes the material highly durable and unlikely to crack. Most tin roofing that NWA Roofing Today installs for homeowners in Northwest Arkansas is either flat-lock or standing seam. Like other metal roofs, tin roofs are easy to maintain and repair, and will last 40 or more years if kept clean and free of debris. You can extend that life with a protective metal roof coating.

Before you install a tin roof, you may have concerns about noise. Modern engineering creates materials that are less noisy than earlier counterparts. Moreover, adequate insulation will also help reduce noise. You can also trust that our skilled roofing crews will install your roof correctly to ensure noise or any other problems are reduced. Moreover, you can count on our crews to use the highest-quality materials from leading manufacturers. We will never cut corners and back up our work with some of the best warranties available. All of our service is exceptional and our prices highly affordable. You never have to worry about haggling with us because we work from a standardized price list.

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